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Shape It Up Wear is an online clothing brand especially focused on athletic apparel.

It’s TIME ha, we all need some motivation and style for our yoga or exercise, we at ShapeItUpWear.com love to add some style and functionality to your workout or stretching or just walking or a jog. Its nice to feel put together and ready when you are out and about, our shapewear takes the ordinary tights and tops to the next level and adds some flair and workability, accentuating your best features, showing the world you care. ShapeItUpWear.com looks for the unique and flair filled items so you can just pick and choose how you want to show up. We pride ourselves on finding the unique and elegant and hope to fulfill your exercise needs. If you don’t see something you want or need an addition to what you see, don’t hesitate to contact us and we can source our providers for exactly what you like. And don’t forget to download our ShapeItUpWear App so you can catch us on the go. Lets play together and find the best for you and yours.  


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Furthermore, we are a small online business, operating from Las Vegas, NV. As growing up, I had a hard time gaining weight and I wanted to change that. There are fewer people in this world who get to follow their passion or even know what makes them happy. I was fortunate enough to pursue my dreams and hope the same for you. 

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